Pizza Anyone – An Introduction to Six Sigma’s DMAIC Strategy


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Pizza Anyone video on DVD

  • Learn about Six Sigma the easy way.

  • Watch process improvement in action.

  • Viewers from any level or industry can follow DMAIC strategy.



    APS gives audiences a high-level introduction to this popular, effective, process-improvement strategy, and we do it in a non-technical way using a process most of us share some insight into—making pizzas. Finally, an easy way to experience how valuable a Six Sigma strategy can be to almost any industry or process.



    Ensure your company has an improvement strategy that is embraced by all.


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Although Six Sigma instruction can be intimidating to the uninitiated, learning its process strategies doesn't have to be complicated. Using a real world example in a familiar setting makes a daunting subject comfortable.  It also facilitates understanding and increases concept retention.


In this video, we tell a story about an imaginary pizza parlor that has witnessed an unexplainable drop in customers and sales. This drop in sales puzzles the owner and employees, until they bring in process experts, who, through following DMAIC, discover a hidden, unpredictable cause for the problem. In the end, this pizza parlor not only solves this problem, but they also have a repeatable, measurable, controlled process in place that stands to help them avoid further, unexplainable drops in sales. The results of this project also provide foundation for discovering meaningful ways to increase market share and capacity, relying on consistent monitoring of ever-changing customer needs.


In today's competitive environment, process improvement is imperative to success. If you're not constantly improving, your competition will leave you behind. DMAIC ties processes intrinsically to requirements set by customers, which identifies the reason for DMAIC’s ongoing success, one that reaches into any industry in any market.


This video presents an easy-to understand introduction to DMAIC for workers and managers at any level--whether experienced, uninitiated or even those resistant to change. It's never safe to assume everyone's open to innovation, regardless of how crucial it is to company survival. Be ready when they ask, "What is Six Sigma?" This simple introduction format brings everyone on board for a positive, progressive improvement.

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