Phrenic Advancement and its partners offer an array of solutions designed to bring innovative changes to outline direction, planning, process and execution.



Six Sigma-in-Action Series

Phrenic Advancement has partnered with Access Process Solutions to offer educational business videos about Six Sigma, including our 1st popular video, Pizza Anyone – An Introduction to Six Sigma’s DMAIC Strategy. In this video,

we present audiences a high-level introduction to this popular, effective, process-improvement strategy, and we do it in a non-technical way, using a process most of us share some insight into—making pizzas.


In this story, we tell a story about a imaginary pizza parlor that has witnessed an unexplainable drop in customers and sales. This drop in sales puzzles the owner and employees, until they bring in process experts, who, through following DMAIC, discover a hidden, unpredictable cause for the problem. In the end, this pizza parlor not only solves this problem, but they also have a repeatable, measurable, controlled process in place that stands to help them avoid further, unexplainable drops in sales. The results of this project also provide foundation for discovering meaningful ways to increase market share and capacity, relying on consistent monitoring of ever-changing customer needs. DMAIC ties processes intrinsically to requirements set by customers, which identifies the reason for DMAIC’s ongoing success, one that reaches into any industry in any market.


This video presents an easy-to understand introduction to DMAIC for workers and managers at any level. Please contact us for more information, or click this link to order a copy. We provide discounts for orders of 5 or more videos.


Process Documentation Templates

During our work with processes, we found an inherent weakness among businesses, and that weakness displayed through very inconsistent process documentation. Successful businesses, long-term successful businesses, rely on well documented processes


We provide clients the templates and the training to create consistent documents, which saves time and money, far outweighing the costs for development. Call us, and we can send a sample of our work!


Process Analysis

Sign up with APS for having our staff of experts run analyses on your proprietary data. This data will be held in strict confidence, after signing a non-disclosure agreement. We can run analyses using numerous tools, including Kano Survey Results, FMEA, Gage R&R, Trending, etc. If you want experts to provide industry expertise, work with us. We can provide that safe, outside look businesses sometimes need.


With some clients, we serve as principal data analysts, working as an independent, objective authority. We have no bias and no benefit, aside from interpreting your data through expert eyes. Try us once, and you’ll be back. Our results are delivered as outlined in our agreements, professionally and accurately. Has your business ever wanted to use Six Sigma tools, at certain times? We can do it for you. Please give us an opportunity to show you what we can do.


Statistical Process Control Analysis

Any business can get stuck in the number crunching. Sometimes businesses don’t understand the depth and breadth of knowledge that can be extracted from data pools. In this day of fierce competition and tight budgets, you want to optimize value in your statistics.


Bring in an outside source to bring in a fresh set of eyes to process data. Our experts have many years’ practice in working with processes and interacting with various data types. Process expertise often must come from outside sources when this expertise may be missing or less practiced in your work environment.

We keep proprietary information proprietary. We detach company identifiers, and our experts work only with the data and ideas clients share. Further, we sing non-disclosure agreements to formalize our promise of confidence to all clients. Let us help you improve gain from your many statistics. We can offer a new, clear vision.

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