As part of the Educational Reality Series,

George Phillip's educational program,

De-Stressing the Classroom, helps

increase staff effectiveness with

these three key components:


     - reduce stress


     - focus on tangible goals


     - keep from doing something stupid



The program is a 90 minute presentation with

opportunities for concept application breakout work

that set a flexible time scale from 60 minutes to 3 hours.


The framework consists of integrating organizational systems designed to alleviate workload and associated stress, educational goals clarification exercises, and an overview of decision making guidelines along with 101 examples of bad educational practice and poor decision making.


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"I see so many things that arenít good for kids. Itís about time someone spoke up about what not to do."

"I loved the mission statement makeover."

"Organization skills were not covered in any of my teacher prep classes. I needed that."



Program Outline


   I. Program objectives
        A. Identify goals
        B. Reduce stress
        C. Facilitate experience
  II. Introduction
 III. Goal of education
        A. What is it? (What is your job?)

             i. Goal setting strategies

            ii. Breakout: goals clarification
        B. What keeps us from achieving it?
             i. Extrinsic interference
            ii. Internal interference - stress
        C. How can it be more enjoyable?
 IV. Stress management
        A. Stress sources
             i. Biological - a perceived threat
            ii. Physical/mental stress Ė overload
        B. Effects of stress
             i. Reduced focus
            ii. Changing/conflicting expectations
           iii. Emotional - actions/values incongruence
                  1. Values conflicts

                  2. Unhappiness
            iv. Compromised decisions & actions
                  1. 101 bad teaching practices

                       A. Evaluating practices

                       B. Breakout: identifying common core values
                  2. Failure
   V. Stress resources
        A. External transfer of internal overload
             i. Organizational systems
            ii. Selective prioritization
        B. Redefining perception
             i. Goals clarification
            ii. Determining meaning
           iii. Focusing
           iv. Meditation
 VI. What do we do?
        A. Identify specific goals & auxiliary functions
        B. Evidence/research supported best practices
VII. Close Ė Why are we here?
        A. Fulfill a purpose
        B. Enjoy the work



The program outlined above is approximately 90 minutes. Takeaway materials include all references, support materials, and directions for follow up activities. These activities reinforce breakout sessions and help develop organizational plans to identify goals and to increase effectiveness and job satisfaction.


Modifications for a 60 minute program eliminate breakout activity

for a strictly lecture format.


A three hour program allows more time for a question and answer session. It integrates sessions for organizationally suited goals clarification and best practice identification that would normally occur post-presentation. It also includes discussion for extending and integrating these processes in the classroom.




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