Phrenic Advancement provides material, advice, and direction to further academic, social, and intellectual learning opportunities. Sometimes the backward approach can be more productive than business as usual. Instead of creating products and services and then creating a market, it can often be more productive and profitable to identify needs first. Then it is a matter of course to build the process that fulfills those needs.


We offer a diverse set of products and services designed to amplify improvement projects for business and education. Let us show you how we combine work and pleasure to achieve more.


Improvement Programs

Educational Support Materials

Schedule a consultant or speaker to help with staff improvement, goal setting, employee moral, best practices and methods, increasing productivity, stress reduction, organization, process improvement and more.


Request an example of a goal setting and organizational skills improvement program.



Success is much more achievable when leveraging the right tools. Phrenic Advancement partners with top notch education support providers to deliver the best tools to reach your goals.


See an example of a DMAIC process improvement video created by Access Process Solutions.



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